Phoenix Gold EQ215x

This EQ/x-over is quite old, but still in near new condition. I have the original box and manual. I bought this from a friend and used it for a long time in my car. Over time the bottom chassis started to chip. For this reason, I just had the bottom repainted locally. Just before putting it back in my car, I bought an EQ230 from another friend. Well, I no longer have a use for this EQ215x.

I donít really know what this is worth, so please make me offers. I have seen these for as little as $75 and as high as $175 on eBay. Most are nowhere near the condition of mine, and even fewer have the box and manual. I am in no hurry to sell it, I may keep it as a historical item in my collection of random old pristine stereo equipment that I cannot part with.

I included some LMS response curves of the unit in an attempt to prove that it is working great, as it should. As you can see, the x-over is centered at 100Hz and the EQ does indeed cut 12db as it is designed to.